custom design or build

At Weber’s Jewelry we pride ourselves in providing the best options for your dream piece.

Our team members work closely with you to understand your vision and work through the best tailored solution.

the process

Whether its starting from scratch or using pieces you currently own or inherited, our team members work closely with you to understand your vision and create something you’ll love.

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Step 1: Consultation

Stop by, call us, or schedule an appointment to discuss  what you are looking for! During this step we listen, take notes and ask more questions to see what it is you are truly looking for. Inspo pictures are fantastic at this stage! Also having a budget in mind can help us guide you in the right direction.

Step 2: Design Comes to Life

After initial consultation, we typically discuss with our jeweler, do more research, or reach out to our designers/artisans we work with to see what can be done. This may require additional back and forth to get further clarification. CAD renderings may be provided at this time as well.

Step 3: Review and Approval

Once you have decided on the direction you would like to go, we will review in detail, finalize pricing and timeline, and require a 20% deposit before we can proceed.

Step 4: Final Product

The product is complete! You will be contacted to come pick up or provide shipping/payment information. We are always so excited to see our customer’s reaction to their one-of-a-kind piece!

our recent custom designs